There is a lot of mystery surrounding recruitment. There are as many opinions as there are applicants. And the opinions are mostly based on previous experiences of which most are likely less than positive. For many people the latest positive recruitment experience was the last time they got hired. Regardless, whether the process actually was first-rate or not the end result was positive, and therefore the entire process left a positive memory. But this happens only to that one person who gets hired. The rest are left with more or less negative vibes. People have a tendency to rationalise things; to invent plausible explanations for things that can otherwise feel unjust. In this case it’s mostly due to the quandary and lack of information that leads people to draw – usually over simplistic – conclusions. The void of truth is filled with speculation that is apt to create mystery.

When it comes to recruiting, everyone is an expert. ’Everyone’ referring to every person who has ever, in one form or another, taken part in a recruitment process and thus has a personal experience to refer to. This is the first reason that makes recruiting so hard. We are all experts – or at least we think we are.

What ever the starting point is, getting (or not getting) a new job is always a big thing, sometimes even monumental. It doesn’t affect just us but our entire family. It’s personal. It defines us. It’s a big thing and it should be taken seriously, and we do. And so we arrive to the second reason why recruiting is so hard. It matters.

Recruitment process always includes a personal risk. Applicants take a risk of rejection. That one lucky person who gets the offer takes a risk of leaving the familiar behind and jumping to something new. Not forgetting the risk the company is willing to take by investing in you. Recruitment process consists of multiple variables that no one person has the control over – least the recruiter.

In order to explain this better, I have created a short presentation: ”Recruiter’s Secrets Revealed: Improve Your Chances of Getting that Dream Job.” Hopefully by shedding light on things we can shake off some of that mystery.

Link to SlideShare: ”Recruiter’s Secrets Revealed: Improve Your Chances of Getting that Dream Job.” 

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